Building Template

Bird View Processing Shed .png
Exterior Processing Shed .png
Interior Processing Shed .png

24 ft. x 24 ft. Building

  • Enter through Double Doors turn Right:
    • Bug guard at door
    • Propane water heater in corner
    • Ice machine/tote to right near corner
    • Hose and wash sink moving along wall
    • 10 foot butchering station with drop hose
    • Back wall: 2nd butcher/wash/rise station with drop hose: 8 foot
    • Drying rack
    • Plate Freezer
    • 8*12 Refigerator/freezer in back corner (compressor/condensers on top)
    • Table with vac packer placed against Refer/Freezer
    • Scale
    • 8 foot drain in center of floor
  • Enter through Double Doors turn Left:
    • Office area for paperwork and box building
    • 8 foot table and work area
    • Side door between office area and refer/freezer
The floors are covered with "Webcrete" and painted with Acrylic paint.  Walls are protected to ceiling with FRT panels. Lights are incased in protective case.