Seafood Direct Marketers Process

The purpose of this section is to assist permit holders with the task of obtaining a Direct Market License.

To simplify the process, we have stripped it down to just the steps necessary to obtain your plans, documents, permits, and license to operate. We advise potential direct marketers to drill down into the subject matter provided at each stage on the process, where you will find links to additional information or templates to assist with your planning process. While templates provide a valuable starting point, permit holders need to assess their particular business model and plan accordingly.

We have consulted with each of the relevant agencies, and the guidance provided here is consistent with what you need to do to obtain your license. This section is intended only to assist direct marketers through the process, and any questions should be directed to the appropriate regulating agency.

Getting Started

Doing the necessary background research before venturing into Direct Marketing will save you valuable time and money:

  • It’s expensive: Do you have liquidity?
  • There’s an element of uncertainty: Have you planned for market shocks?
  • It’s labor-intensive: Have you considered how this will affect your business model?
  • Know your market: Do you have a viable market which fits your operation?

If you have addressed these important factors, you may be ready to become a successful entrepreneur!

Business Development

If you have not yet considered these questions carefully, the following resources are available to Direct Marketers:

**Do not become overwhelmed with information**

Planning Documents 

You have identified your competitive advantage and are ready to start your business!
The following Links will provide Important Templates.


Once you have a solid business plan and a complete understanding of all necessary inputs to become a Direct Marketer, you may need financing. In addition to banks, Alaska fishermen have other resources available to them:

**Understand your financial position before taking loans**

Licenses & Documentation

You have identified your competitive advantage and are ready at last to start your business!

Hazard Analysis & Standard Sanitation

This process will help you attain licenses & permits:

Market Development

  • H/G Fresh
  • Fillets
  • Steaks
  • Smoked
  • Sausage
  • Dips
  • Reprocessed Proteins

In Season Activities

  • ADF&G Reporting
  • Daily Sanitation Log
  • Customer Records
  • DOR Reporting
  • Market Analysis

Post Season Follow Up

  • DOR Tax Reporting
  • Federal USDA Reporting
  • Final ADF&G Reporting
  • DCCED Business License Renewal
  • DEC Processors License Renewal