Individual Development Accounts

Alaska Individual Development Account (IDA) Program
An overview of Alaska's IDA program, which encourages low income individuals to save.

IDAs Offer Small Boost to Aspiring Entrepreneurs
At a time when many people short on income are calling on their inner entrepreneurs, some start-ups are finding relief in a little-known resource—individual development accounts.


Alaska Marketplace
An ideas competition that encourages the development of viable and sustainable businesses by tapping into the creative passions, cultural knowledge, and drive of rural Alaska's residents. See also the Alaska Marketplace Best Practice Report.

NSEDC Small Business Initiative
The NSEDC Small Business Initiative is an avenue for individuals to promote and develop business ventures in an effort to help alleviate social and economic issues facing the Norton Sound region. 

General Resources

Alaska DCCED: Financing Your Business -- A guide to locating capital for your business, published by the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

Alaska's Economy -- Learn what combination adds up to support Alaskan businesses and households

A Simple Start to Managing Your Business Finances -- A presentation covering business accounting and financial management

Bank-Term Loans - Go with old reliable and get a business loan from the bank. -- A guide to bank loans by Entrepreneur Magazine

Calaculate Your Startup Costs -- Startup costs are conceptually simple: add up expenses you will incur before starting, assets you will need to have, and how much money you will need to keep the business running during the first few months before sales start rolling in. Use the Wall Street Journal startup calculator to determine how much you need.

Equipment Leasing - Short on cash, but need new equipment to grow? Lease what you need. -- An alternative that could save you money

GoBigNetWork - The world's biggest community of startup investors -- A website that matches entrepreneurs with investors who can help fund their businesses

How to Bootstrap Your Business -- "Bootstrapping" means self-funding your businesses without relying on outside investors. Is this the right approach for you? Find out.

How to Deal with Small Business Debt - guide to dealing with business debt

mbaonline - Guide to Finance -- Extensive resource guide on corporate finance and government, education resources, financial careers, financial journals, finance news, finance research, financial tools, investing resources, investment banks, and professional financial organizations

Small Businesses and Sales Tax - guide on what businesses need to know about taxes

Sources of Financing for Small Business - guide to various business financing opportunities

Startup Financing - Get your business off the ground with cash from several startup sources. -- An Entrepreneur magazine guide to different sources of start-up funds

The Myth of Free Government Money -- An article warning about a common scam that targets entrepreneurs

Understanding Alaska's Budget -- The State of Alaska House Special Committee on Fiscal Policy contracted with Information Insights and Agnew::Beck to develop material to help the public better understand the state budget and our shared fiscal future.