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  • 8 Ways to Get Investors to Say Yes

    Posted by Melissa Houston on Nov 11, 2014
    Being passionate and prepared = more investors saying “yes” to your pitch. Use these eight tips to get ready for those important meetings.
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  • When E-mail Isn't Enough

    Posted by Melissa Houston on Nov 06, 2014
    In today's world, it's important to be fluent in virtual communication. From e-mail to instant messages, social media to webinars, there are dozens of ways to stay in touch with coworkers and clients across the globe, but there are times when a face-to-face interaction isn't just a bonus; it's necessary.
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  • Why You Should Know About Fair Use

    Posted by Melissa Houston on Nov 04, 2014
    Find out how copyright laws and Fair Use can be good for your business!
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  • AKSourceLink Hosts Summer Webinar Series for RuralEntrepreneurs

    Posted by Melissa Houston on Nov 03, 2014
    Here's how AKSourceLink reached out to Rural Entrepreneurs over the summer.
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  • 10 Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards

    Posted by Lisa Wedin on Oct 30, 2014
    Tips to help your nonprofit pull together a ready, willing and diverse board of directors to guide your nonprofit organization.
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  • 6 Steps to Improve Your Email Efficiency

    Posted by Lisa Wedin on Oct 16, 2014
    Move over staff meetings, email has taken the crown for time wasting. Keeping your inbox organized is step one in the fight to regain control of your email. Here are a few of our best tips to whip your inbox into shape.
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  • Myth-Busting Fears About Exporting

    Posted by Lisa Wedin on Oct 09, 2014
    You can look past common myths and fears behind exporting in order to grow your business.
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  • Make Your Facebook Page Work for You

    Posted by Lisa Wedin on Oct 02, 2014
    Facebook ads can be incredibly effective for small businesses – at a fraction of the cost of traditional ads. Find out how.
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  • Creating An Engaging Website

    Posted by Lisa Wedin on Sep 25, 2014
    As an entrepreneur, having a website for your company is important. To get the most out of your website it needs to be engaging. Bounce rate can help determine how engaging your website is. Here are some tips are decreasing bounce rate for your website.
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  • Building a Pitch for Your Idea

    Posted by Lisa Wedin on Sep 18, 2014
    How does the entrepreneur learn the techniques of giving the pitch? Check out some ideas here!
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