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Turn Online Visitors into Buyers

Posted by Melissa Houston on Jan 01, 2013

In September of this year, The New York Times published an article titled “Three Proven Ways to Convert Visitors Into Buyers Online".  Tips from the article will help business owners learn how to productively target the online community to turn site visitors into online shoppers.  And not just any online shoppers – buyers on your company’s website.

Know how visitors use your site.  You want to bring the same attention to detail and professionalism to your website as you have at your business in person.  Clear messaging is key.  Speak directly to your customer, and give them a call to action such as “contact us” or “view our portfolio.”  Pay attention to the three most important elements for a small business selling on the Web:

  • Solid Guarantee and return policies
  • Responsive customer service
  • Prominently placed phone number at the top of every page

Assess your redesign.  Work closely with your marketing vendors on the messaging and keywords your company adopts.  Make sure your business model is communicated correctly.

Find customers who are ready.  Personalize the shopping experience in order to make relevant promotions and offers.  Focus on specific keywords so specific items are more easily searchable, as opposed to generic search terms people use when in the research phase.

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